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Wall lights, many solutions to create the right atmosphere

Light is essential to create the right atmosphere in every room of the house. Every space has different needs and different light sources: chandeliers, floor lamps, ceiling lights, wall lights. Mixing them all together is the best solution for a lighting design project that is functional, scenic and yet makes you feel at home. The wall light is one of the solutions proposed to illuminate the home. The potential of this lighting element is often underestimated, but with wall lights it is possible to play and renew the rooms in the home. Rightly combined with other elements they can create refined atmospheres, points of light, create rhythm between the various elements in the rooms.

Article summary:

  • Light builds the style of every home
  • Wall lights, multifaceted lighting
  • Different wall lights, different styles

Light creates style in every home

Since its invention, light has always been a key element. In addition to its functional importance, its influence in building the character of each home is crucial. Classic, modern, glamorous, transgressive – whatever the character of a home, the lighting must complement it. Ceiling lamps that fall conspicuously downwards, the more discreet ceiling lights, the underrated wall lights, i.e. lighting fixtures installed directly on the wall, dramatic floor and table lamps. While each lighting topology can be integrated into one environment rather than another, multi-level lighting has become very fashionable recently. This choice implies the inclusion of different types of light sources in the same room. The choice obviously depends on the room and the atmosphere we want to create in it. For living rooms and extravagant bedrooms, suspended chandeliers with a more striking image are more suitable. In the more discreet bedroom, ceiling, floor and table lamps are better. For bathrooms, hallways, corridors or rooms with low ceilings it is better to choose wall lights, which are best suited to narrow spaces. Nevertheless, it is possible to change the rules by including several types in the same room to create a unique style.

Wall lights, multifaceted lighting

Wall lights are a truly multifaceted type of lighting. They lend themselves well to identifying and personalising difficult spaces such as corridors and hallways. Their small size compared to chandeliers means they can be placed side by side and play with repetition. It also allows you to focus attention on an object, for example when placed above the bathroom mirror or positioned on a shelf or to illuminate a picture. It can simply be placed on a bare wall as decoration. Some wall lights, on their own, add a touch of design to an anonymous environment. Their position, the colour of the light, are all features that can be used in favour of a specific idea for home lighting. In addition, the fact that there are no visible wires is another point in its favour. The wall light is the solution for creating the right atmosphere in every corner of the house.

Different wall lights, different styles

Today there are wall lights on the market that play a lot with materials, shapes and colours. It’s easy to find something for every taste, be it simple or extravagant. In addition, technology has been making its way into lighting for some time now, creating original ideas. LED light, for example, can be integrated into our wall lights. But also wireless dimmers, which allow us to adjust the intensity of the light to suit the activity at hand. For those who choose wall lights with the sole intention of creating a point of light that captures the attention alone, it is useful to dare choosing precious materials, geometric shapes or shapes that recall nature, inspired by art, or to focus on large wall lights. For the more daring, coloured lights can also be chosen, which will further emphasise the extravagant character of the home. The relationship between wall lights and furniture is also important. Classic or modern wall lights with sober lines can enhance a piece of furniture, like a painting in a museum. They can embrace a sofa or be inserted to give rhythm to a wall, for example a wall with several windows.

Artistic wall lights

The wall light itself can be a real piece of art. Such is the case with the wall lamp Jeevesdesigned by Jake Phipps for Innermost, an English brand specialising in lighting systems. This project is inspired by the paintings of the Belgian painter René Magritte. Its shape is that of a bowler hat which seems to have been thrown towards the wall. The wall light is a mix of British tradition and modern technology. The hat is handmade of wool felt and coated on the inside with a golden aluminium patina that gives it a soft warm glow. Even more art than a simple light is the wall lamp designed by Selab for Seletti in 2016: Neon Art. This is a series of wall lamps that play with the alphabet. Letters and symbols pick up on the typewriter font that recalls the style of typewriter writing. The neon lights are covered with curved glass tubes. A romantic idea with which to decorate the walls of the house with real messages of light.

Romantic wall lights

Affascinate is the wall lamp created by designer Adriano Rachele for Slamp. Clizia mama non m’ama is a wall lamp inspired by femininity, feelings and nature. Its shape is that of a flowery bouquet. Many petals interlocked by hand with a Cristalflex interlocking system recall the simple game that entrusts the petals of a flower with the verdict in love: m’ama non m’ama?

Another decidedly romantic idea is the one proposed by designer Stefano Giovannoni in 2008 for Slide. The wall lamp is called Love and has the very simple shape of a heart. It can be purchased in two different colours: red and white. By modulating several of them on the same wall, it is possible to create fun and unique walls.

Wall lights and geometries

The asymmetrical and aggressive geometric shape gives genius to Oblix, a wall light created by the Venetian designers Pio & Tito Toso. The irregular and dynamic shape is well suited to different styles. It is available in two sizes which lend themselves well to the creation of multiple compositions with great visual impact. It is made of white polyethylene, the base is made of aluminium with a magnetic connection, the light is LED. Giopato&Coombes present in 2015 Astro . Produced by Oluce, this wall lamp is reminiscent of a precious gem, ideal for lovers of precious objects. Starting from a flat figure that resembles a solid, the two designers build a solid that looks like a flat figure. Astro is a wall lamp made of transparent sandblasted glass that creates a beautiful diffused light capable of recreating elegant and sophisticated environments.

Wall lights as a game

Ikea‘s Float series. This is a very simple LED panel made in different sizes, square and rectangular. Several sconces can be connected together and thanks to a wireless dimmer you can adjust the light intensity directly from your electronic devices. With these wall lights you can adjust the light intensity according to the activity you are doing: warm light for dinner, cold light for working hours. French designer Benjamin Faure offers Spotlight for the Corbelle design house. It consists of three wall discs made of lacquered metal. Each disc comes in a different colour – grey, red, blue or black – and can be used as a support or as a light. The wire is not only functional but also decorative. A colourful idea to play not only with the effects of light but also with the system that generates it.

A particular shape allows you to direct the light as you want and thus create more suggestive environments. Ginebra is a small V-shaped wall lamp made of metal and steel. This shape allows the light to be directed upwards. In addition, both its shape and size allow it to fit harmoniously into narrow rooms or small spaces.

Wall lights and unique atmospheres

A truly unexpected impact is given by Leaf, a lighting system created in 2013 by Andrea Sensoli for Buzzi & Buzzi. It is a semi-recessed, totally concealed spotlight that can be installed on both walls and plasterboard or brick ceilings. The design of this wall light is designed to become one with the wall or ceiling. Openings in walls and ceilings give off light. It is made of Aircolar, an innovative eco-active, anti-pollution and anti-bacterial material patented in America by UCT. Leaf is elegant, fine and evokes spontaneity and purity.

Radio ap 01, by Ideal Lux, has a slightly retro feel. It is a wall lamp consisting of a metal rosette with an adjustable diffuser. The diffuser is a large bulb connected with a fabric cable. It is available in various finishes. An old-fashioned saloon look but definitely elegant and stylish. Jessica Loddo