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Audi electric mountain bike

Audi electric mountain bike: top performance for the first e-bike from the four rings.

  • Developed in partnership with Italy’s Fantic, the Audi e-mtb enduro bike is suitable for both technical excursions and downhill-style descents
  • Audi RS Q e-tron-inspired livery: shared with the Dakar prototype is the ability to tackle any terrain and guarantee high performance in both trial-style and high-speed passages
  • Refined technical equipment: aluminium and carbon fibre frame, 250 watt Brose motor with 90 Nm of torque and 4 assistance levels and 720 Wh lithium battery
  • Öhlins suspension: Reference-class precision and stiffness for the multi-adjustable fork with 38 mm stanchions. Up to 180 mm travel and three-chamber air spring
  • Sram 12-speed electronic gearbox and motorcycle-inspired Braking system

Audi presents the first e-bike in its history. Developed in partnership with the Italian company Fantic, it features benchmark technical equipment. The aluminium and carbon frame is accompanied by a Brose motor with 250 Watts and 90 Nm of torque powered by a 720 Wh lithium battery, and refined Öhlins suspension that allows it to range from all-mountain use to the most extreme descents.


In the process of transforming the brand from a simple manufacturer into a provider of sustainable mobility services, Audi has created Europe’s only carbon-neutral, BEV-certified premium range of cars, expanded the plug-in offering to 11 models, ranging from the compact Audi A3 Sportback saloon to the revamped Audi A8 flagship, and pursued a marked electrification of the range: of the 200 engines in the list, attributable to 21 car lines, today more than 70 per cent are electrified. Now the House of the Four Rings is extending its sustainable mobility solutions to two wheels by offering the first electric mountain bike in its history, developed in partnership with the Italian company Fantic.

The pinnacle of the Audi Genuine Accessories range, the e-bike of the four rings is a full-suspended mountain bike whose livery evokes the Audi RS Q e-tron E2 electric prototype that took two victories and 14 stage podiums at the Dakar, the world’s most demanding rally raid, in 2023. An element of contact reaffirmed by the common ability to tackle any terrain and guarantee top performance in both trial-like and high-speed passages, as well as by a technical similarity: in both cases the electric propulsion benefits from the combination with a ‘range extender’. A 4-cylinder TFSI, called upon to power the battery while on the move, in the case of the Audi RS Q e-tron, the muscular contribution of the biker, capable of optimising efficiency and electrical assistance, for the e-mtb of the four rings. The Audi electric mountain bike powered by Fantic, thanks to the generous travel of the Öhlins suspension, belongs to the Enduro category and is suitable for both technical all-mountain style excursions and more demanding descents, close to downhill.

Mullet frame: 29″ front wheel and 27.5″ rear wheel

the “heart” of the Audi e-motorbike is the 250 watt Brose S-Mag motor, a reference point for progressiveness and reliability, capable of delivering up to 90 Nm of torque and powered by a 720 Wh Fantic Integra lithium battery. The latter is a top value in its category, guaranteeing generous autonomy even when using the highest levels of assistance. The frame, in aluminium with high carbon stays, is of the mullet type, i.e. it has a 27.5″ rear wheel with 2.8″ wide tyres and a 29″ front wheel with 2.6″ tyres. A solution that combines the advantages of both setups, providing both generous traction on any surface and an easier approach to obstacles.

Worthy of note is the RXF38 m.2 fork from Swedish specialist Öhlins, which features a travel of up to 180 mm, 38 mm diameter stanchions for rigidity and steering precision, and a three-chamber air spring. A solution, the latter, which conceptually evokes the refined triple-chamber adaptive air suspension of the Audi e-tron GT Granturismo.

The fork’s extensive adjustment options – 15 clicks in compression and rebound at low speed, 3 clicks in compression at high speed – are accompanied by a specific setting for hill climbing. As for the shock absorber, Audi relies on a refined Öhlins TTX 22M twin-tube unit in the 205×65 mm configuration: inspired by the motorbike world, it is able to keep compression and rebound separate, to the benefit of riding fluidity, and is equipped with spherical bearings that allow the suspension to work with maximum smoothness even when the bike is subjected to marked lateral torsion. Mavic e-Deemax rims, specifically designed for e-mtb use, complete the frame.

On the handlebar stand out the controls of the Sram GX Eagle AXS 12-speed electronic gearbox, suitable for the most intense use thanks to the overload clutch that prevents mechanical stress, the lever that controls the telescopic seat post – with cable routing inside the frame – and the Braking IN brake levers.CA.S. braking system which, in detail, uses a hydraulic pump and CNC machined billet calipers, motorcycle-inspired, acting on S3 Batfly discs with a petal design and generous diameter: the front 220 mm, the rear 203 mm. The Brose display not only shows battery charge, speed and trip computer information, but also indicates the chosen assistance level. In this regard, four options are available: eco, tour, sport and boost as well as a walk mode that helps in the most extreme conditions, allowing the e-bike to advance at a speed of between 3 and 6 km/h without pedalling. The Audi electric mountain bike powered by Fantic, which weighs 25.5 kg including battery, is available in sizes S, M and L. audi.com