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Jewelry Storage Ideas To Never Lose Anything

To store jewelry, it is recommended to use the jewelry box to protect it from contact with other objects, dust and light

Speaking of jewelry and organizing, here some jewelry storage ideas. It is recommended to use jewellery boxes with a specific order. This can be harmful as precious metals are easily scratched by contact with other objects, so it is advisable to store them separately with velvet bags or jewellery boxes. Stones can also become stained or lose their lustre, so it is best to store jewellery in the correct way.

Article summary

  • How to organise jewellery
  • Types and jewelry storage ideas of containers
  • Jewelry storage ideas for making a DIY box
  • Advice and jewelry storage ideas on how to store them
  • Some jewelry storage ideas for when you travel
  • Daily care

How to organise your jewellery

The first step is to collect the jewellery you want to arrange in an orderly fashion and place them all on a cloth so as not to ruin them or lose the smallest ones. A possible first selection is according to the use made of it or according to the type (necklaces, rings, earrings, watches). In this way, it will be clear how many pieces of jewellery or the number of types we want to reorder them with.

Types and jewelry storage ideas of containers

Jewellery boxes or suitable containers

Boxes or jewellery boxes are the most suitable jewelry storage ideas for storing jewellery. Keeping them in the open air is counterproductive because light also oxidises precious metals and makes them dull. It makes sense to invest in a jewellery box or closed box with several compartments to protect them from dust and discolouration. It is preferable to invest in a jewellery box with a hard exterior or an enclosed box that protects the jewellery from scratches or knocks. While the inside should have a soft felt or velvet lining

Jewelry storage ideas for making a DIY box

Many objects in the home can be used to make DIY jewelry boxes and you can get from anywhere jewelry storage ideas:

  • An old book can become a perfect jewellery box by creating a niche in the pages with a box cutter;
  • Confetti boxes can be adapted by decorating and modifying them to your taste;
  • Picture frames and mirrors, by colouring them and applying a few hooks to neatly store bracelets and earrings;
  • A fallen branch, after being polished and hung on the wall, can become a jewellery box;
  • Coat hangers such as hangers can be used on the long side for necklaces;
  • Tennis racquets, which, with stringing, can be adapted to hang earrings;
  • Rolls of paper (which can be aluminium foil, cellophane, baking paper or scottex) lined with fabric to keep bracelets in order;
  • Plastic placemats or graters having a perforated surface can be a method of tidying up jewellery.

Advice and jewelry storage ideas on how to store them

Store jewellery in sections

Sorting and organising by gender such as: necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and not keeping them together is the key part of keeping them tidy and not losing them. This makes it easy to choose them when you need them and ensures that they last. A further method of storing jewellery is by colour and style. For perfect storage of rings, it is advisable to wrap them in a soft cloth or tissue paper. Necklaces, if very long, should be hung up to prevent knotting. This type of storage is not suitable for pearl necklaces, which are best stored in a case, as they can stretch, particularly those with silk threads, and thus increase the space between one pearl and another.

Store jewellery separately

For the correct storage of jewellery, it is best to keep them separate, as they can be damaged if placed in contact with each other. The best solution is always to leave a few centimetres of space between one precious item and another so as not to compromise its value.

Dry place

Climatic phenomena such as humidity and prolonged exposure to sunlight can damage jewellery. By speeding up the oxidation process, the colouring of the stones may be altered. Moisture can also cause staining, so it is best to store them in cool, dry areas of the house.

Some jewelry storage ideas for when you travel

Travel safes or jewellery boxes

jewelry storage ideas For a large number of trips during which jewellery is not expected, investing in a safe is perfect for storing it in a safe place. Travel jewellery boxes and other more compact types of cases are ideal for storing in a suitcase or bag and preserving their preciousness. If you don’t have a small jewellery box, you can create one at home by salvaging items such as pill boxes, a cigar case or cushion covers. Even socks, being made of a soft material, can be used as jewellery boxes to store them among the clothes in the suitcase, so as to cushion any impact. To keep earrings together, a good method is to use a button.

Daily care

jewelry storage ideas All jewellery, whether gold, silver or even costume jewellery, tends to get dirty. The skin emits acids even through simple sweating. To clean them thoroughly, a soft cloth should be used to gently wipe away surface dirt. Or, if necessary, you can use a soft-bristled toothbrush with mild soap and rinse them in a bowl of with lukewarm water. Before putting them back in their cases or boxes, make sure that the jewellery is perfectly dry, so as not to create moisture. jewelry storage ideas For proper care, pay attention to the products you use to wash your hands. Some may be too acidic and risk damaging bracelets and rings. Always rinse well to prevent soap from remaining in the frame. Perfumes may also cause staining or dulling, so it is best to wear them after applying perfume to prevent silver and gold from deteriorating prematurely and losing their lustre. Take care before wearing your jewellery that there are no loose stone settings. When removing rings, to avoid putting pressure on the mounted stones, the correct procedure is to pull them off the shank. The same applies to bracelets, earrings and necklaces.