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Flamingos mania, home decor in style

Flamingos everywhere!

Flamingos- or flamingoes, as you like to call them: obsession is served. It’s impossible to resist the charm of the coolest trend of the moment: here are the suggestions for furnishing your home following the (pink) trends of the moment. Because it’s true, flamingos had already appeared in furniture collections last season, but 2017 is definitely the year of the explosion of their feathers! To bring them into your home, you can start with the details, or launch into a big operation; but let’s start slowly.

Article summary

  • Flamingos in the details
  • Cover your home entirely in the theme

Flamingos in the details

 How can you not be seduced by Sunnylife‘s LED lamp, for example: sleek and minimal, it adds a touch of pop to the bedside table with its pink fluorescence and is ready to light up the evenings from its white pedestal. If you have a more classic soul, you can’t miss the lamp with a golden ceramic base, decorated with flamingos of different sizes: it’s by Rosanna Londsale, and it will amaze you with its versatility. Even low cost companies are not immune to the charm of pink birds: Primark, for example, presents a mug whose handle is the neck of a flamingo. Or Maisons du monde, which offers a pretty cushion with a white background from which stylised flamingos and small green palms emerge, to give a touch of summer to the sofa.

Cover your home entirely in the theme

If your flamingo-pink passion is more advanced, you could opt for Arthur G.’s armchair. It has a slyly printed cover… guess which element? Or you could embrace the room with ad hoc wallpapers: there’s the old-fashioned one by Cole&Son, on a sugar paper background, or the more girly one by Laura Ashley, pink in its deepest essence. Anno domini 2017: the flamingo is tamed, thanks to home decor!