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Essential lines for open space minimal in Belgium

An minimal open space in Belgium was inspired by a the practice of decluttering, a conscious choice to eliminate the superfluous and embrace the essential, has established itself as a philosophy capable of changing life habits, bringing benefits to the individual and the spaces he or she lives in Minimalism, therefore, is more than just a choice of aesthetics and style, winking at clean and essential lines, it is a real lifestyle.

There are many beneficial effects of a simple and essential environment: from reducing stress levels to increasing the quality of sleep and consequently productivity, not to mention the elimination of unnecessary waste. An environment devoid of the superfluous also allows the mind to explore ideas and cultivate creativity.

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The essential in the details

This is the philosophy that inspires a minimalist style flat in Belgium, a large open space with an essential decor that focuses on detail. Simple, elegant lines dominate the home, where the eye is light and free to roam in a space made even larger by total white.

Total white, the absolute protagonist, is broken only by the green of the plants, the wood of the furnishings and the anthracite colour of the metal elements. An alternation of tones that is repeated throughout the house, creating a pleasant visual continuity between the different elements.

On the first floor, the living room features a modular sofa in natural fabric looking out over a large fireplace with clean lines, then the space extends to the dining room with natural wood furnishings and wishbone chairs. A metal staircase leads to the upper floor, perfectly in line with the rest of the house, with a bathroom dominated by a minimalist bathtub with anthracite details, the true protagonist in the white space.

The strong point of the home is the continuity and fluidity which leads from one space to another in the house without creating moments of rupture. To achieve this effect, an exclusive compound was chosen: Microtopping®, a coating by Ideal Work®, which allows any surface to be covered, both horizontally and vertically, in just 3 mm thickness, guaranteeing continuity and an aesthetic effect

Selected pieces as works of art in the home space

Throughout the house, each element is chosen, exclusive, positioned in such a way as to enhance its lines, exalting it like a work of art in a gallery. The style of the interior is pure and rigorous but does not forget the small details that reveal the personality of the house, while respecting the minimalist style.

The interiors play with the circular element, a recurring motif throughout the house, from the plant pots to the metal wall lights, equipped with a small container for inserting coloured flowers or candles. The circular shapes give dimension to the space and recreate a dreamy ambience, thanks above all to the chandeliers, whose circular shapes recall the planets of a galaxy, especially when combined with the special moon-shaped LED wall lamp.

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Precious details for a minimal open space

Details with an enigmatic charm complete the interior, which is enriched by wall decorations that integrate the circular element with fascinating female figures, such as the modern print depicting the profile of a woman whose head, a white circle, again recalls the moon.

The feminine face is found in various corners of the house, from metal installations that recreate surrealistic faces, to the creative composition of porcelain plates, including the Fornasetti plates depicting the magnetic face of opera singer Lina Cavalieri.

The choice of unique elements, able to hold the space as protagonists, combined with the use of innovative materials and techniques, gives life to a home that enhances the essential, shifting the focus on what makes you feel good. The minimalist style, with its attractive aesthetics and only apparently simple to achieve, becomes an expression of a lifestyle that seeks well-being in a few significant details.


Interior Brasschaat

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