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Abimis: Ego, star of a Berlin penthouse

An ultra-modern two-storey house with large terraces overlooking one of Berlin ‘s most desirable residential districts accommodates an unusual configuration of the Ego kitchen by Abimis . The rooms, made exceptionally bright thanks to large windows and skylights, are characterised by a diffuse black-and-white look , hence the owner’s decision to create a kitchen perfectly ‘in theme’ with the rest of the house.

Made to the centimetre by Abimis, Ego ispresented as a solution with a strong professional imprint, starting from its configuration with the cooking and preparation area ‘in view’ , followed by all the other functions.Induction hobs, gas cooking, Fry Tops, food warmers, maximum efficiency hoods, ovens, fridges, storage columns, push-pull compartments and container drawers , and concealed electrical sockets are the elements that contribute to defining its professional layout.

Abimis: Ego kitchen in the penthouse in Prenzlauer Berg. Photo Credits: Luca Girardini

La kitchen, entirely in steel Inox AISI 304, declined in an elegant finish black matt for the block firing e washing, follows the complex geometry of the room, the choice of install a kitchen from line Ego of Abimis è due, in fact, to the need to increase the ergonomics of the space and rationalise it, facilitating the movements of those who have to live in it. The particular shaping curve of block firing è turned out to be ideal a this purpose, while the doors radiated a flush doors of the kitchen and tall units enhance the harmonious perception of the entire room.

In particular, this high-performance version of Ego of Abimis is defined by: a peninsula with proportions important proportions, which hosts the area cooking area e a large countertop of work surface, characterised by a original compartment a view for the magazines e i books of cookery books, obtained on the side; a area of washing area, positioned a wall, where è was mounted a bar with hooks holder tools; from here you they ‘unwind’ along the perimeter a series of columns of storage, which accommodate in firstly ovens and refrigerators, and a second washing block, complete with professional dishwashers.

Penthouse in Prenzlauer Berg. Photo Credits: Luca Girardini

The Ego kitchen is here an example of how Abimis succeeds in creating increasingly complete, efficient and highly functional living projects , creating ad hoc compositions and suggesting the most suitable solutions to meet different space and positioning requirements, without ever neglecting design and customisation possibilities.