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Giuseppe Tortato’s Milanese Loft

Enveloping elegance and impressive details interact in the Milanese loft created with sartorial attention by studio Giuseppe Tortato. A unique space, tailor-made to enhance the strong but refined taste of the owners, an environment that gives voice to the personality of those who live in the house. Simple geometries draw a dynamic rhythm that is repeated throughout the flat, where nothing is what it seems, where the interplay of full and empty spaces creates illusions, defining a space that slowly reveals its secrets.

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  • Simple geometries create dynamic and surprising spaces
  • A special suspended staircase for Milanese loft
  • Precious materials with great visual impact in Milanese loft
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Milanese loft


Simple geometries design dynamic and surprising spaces 

Monolithic volumes emphasise this visual effect that dominates the two levels of the Milanese loft, an alternation that confuses and amazes, starting with the main entrance on the second floor. The house develops from top to bottom, with the mezzanine floor looking down on the large living area below, emphasising its centrality in the environment.


The living area, on the second floor, is defined by a monolithic volume that traces a path through different rooms, not only in terms of function but also in terms of materials and geometry, combinations that give an aura of uniqueness to each individual space. From the guest bathroom, embellished with red travertine, we continue towards the geometric wine cellar – a cube in smoked glass – next to the kitchen with its clear lines, distinguished by a central island in purple porphyry. The dark, deep colours of the kitchen are echoed by the dining area table that concludes the pathway on the second floor, making the fluidity and harmony between the different elements of the whole fully visible.


Milanese loft


A special suspended staircase for Milanese loft

A suspended staircase slides down to the lower floor, opening onto the living room, which looks like a stage for the whole house. An effect enhanced by the spectacular Catellani & Smith chandelier, a custom-made composition made special by the combination of Sweet Light and Post Krisi spheres. An element with a simple but impactful design, perfectly in line with the style of the furnishings, composed of pieces chosen to complete and balance the whole, with great attention to detail.

In this sense, the lights are also selected and positioned to accompany the interiors, enhancing their volumes. Depending on the need, the presence of the lights is more or less evident, with preference given to grooves in the false ceilings to illuminate the staircase and the wardrobe, concealed spotlights or true sculptures of light, such as the chandelier in the living room and the lights on the dining table.

Precious materials with great visual impact in Milanese loft

The great protagonist of the interior is the eucalyptus wood bookcase, the focal point of the entire house, which picks up on and sublimates the play of geometry and the alternation of empty and full spaces. The colour palette in Milanese loft is elegant and precise, with dark walls and black stone and grey wood floors, colours softened by natural tones that warm the environment and make it cosy. The idea of proceeding by juxtaposition and contrast is followed not only in the colours but especially in the choice of materials. The eucalyptus wood of the bookcase and the walk-in wardrobes is accompanied by the smoked glass prisms in the bathrooms, creating a contrast of materials, colours and textures, an alternation of opaque and transparent which fits into the theme of illusions and the reference between empty and full.

The precious and impressive materials, used in particular for the bathrooms, are balanced by a linear and minimal cut that manages to lower the volume and bring even the most daring choices into harmony with the overall tone. A harmony that welcomes contrasts, unexpected details and which, for this reason, creates an enveloping atmosphere, sometimes surprising, that reveals itself little by little. An elegance that is not afraid of striking choices in this Milanese loft, but rather transforms them into essential elements of an environment with a unique personality


Milanese loft