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Eclectic style for an industrial loft

A meeting of worlds and cultures, of distant countries and different eras. A difficult but perfectly successful dialogue in Hayloft, an industrial-style loft by the architects of the Loft Buro studio in Kiev.

The eclectic taste of Oleg Volosovsky and Elena Logvynets is expressed in all its exuberance and individuality. An immediately clear narrative and a style capable of telling the stories and values of the people who live in the house emerge. The interweaving of styles in the industrial loft, colors and materials give life to a space with an appeal industrial feel that acts as a blank, raw canvas. This is the ideal basis on which to play with heterogeneous elements, creating a harmony that is not afraid of contrasts.

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  • A family retreat with a distinctive industrial loft style in Kiev
  • Aesthetics and Sustainability
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A family retreat with a distinctive industrial loft style in Kiev

The loft has a structure with large interior spaces and high ceilings. The architects, seeing great potential in these features, transformed the building into a family retreat with an unmistakable style. The loft was originally used for commercial activities.

The 360° renovation intervention involved not only the interiors of the house but also the facade and the roof. An approach that does not erase the original nature of the building, preserved in the metal ceilings, the exposed fixtures, the concrete structures and the brick walls.

The Kiev project finds its Loft industrial personality in the play of contrasts. It is clearly seen in the metal ceiling equipped with spotlights and floodlights that looks to the inlaid mosaic wood floors, alternating with stone.

The space is marked by architectural volumes in metal and glass that on the second floor divide the dining room, kitchen and living area, and then extend to the upper mezzanine.

The living area and the dining room are the true heart of the house, the place of conviviality and warmth. This is suggested by the magnificent emerald green majolica fireplace that recalls the ancient tradition of the family hearth. Glass walls separate the kitchen from the bar, which becomes a separate space, always functional to the theme of conviviality and sharing that characterizes the entire lower floor of the loft. Then the game of contrasts continues on the second floor occupied by a workspace, the bedroom with walk-in closet and the bathroom.

Aesthetics and Sustainability

Objects of art from all over the world give character to the interior, a mix of antiques, craftsmanship, high-tech and absolutely unique pieces. Among these is the antique bedroom door, originally the entrance to a temple, purchased at auction.

A symphony of natural materials and bright colors, in which every object has a meaning, a story to tell and, therefore, becomes an essential piece for the balance of the whole.  

Industrial Bedroom Loft Buro – antique door purchased at auction – copyright ph. Andrey Aveenko

It’s true that in the design of this industrial loft, care for aesthetics meets the “green” attitude of the architects, resulting in the search for innovative and sustainable solutions. From this perspective, the house becomes an expression of the values and philosophy of life of the owners. In addition to the designer furniture, the furnishings are complemented by radiators from the Treviso-based company Antrax IT. These combine the refinement of form with that of materials, with a new approach that looks at radiators as a creative component of the furnishings. The exposed tubes are taken from the A25 and BD 25 radiators made from 100% recyclable carbon steel, chosen in a matt anthracite shade. This is a solution that combines aesthetic appeal with considerable energy savings for the loft buro. It is made possible by the reduced water content and low-temperature operation, perfectly in line with the green soul of the house.

Through unique objects, unexpected combinations and carefully chosen details, architects Oleg and Elena have succeeded in creating a refuge with an industrial style so personal that it defies definition. A timeless style that becomes an ode to individuality and creativity.