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Discover the Scandinavian-style Zefir Attic

Scandinavian style and eclectic taste dominate the design of the Zefir Attic in the new residential district of Lvivsky, in Kiev. A complex of seven state-of-the-art buildings that recalls the original charm and Central European atmosphere of the Old Town of Lviv, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998.

The buildings incorporate various elements of historic Ukrainian architecture such as steeply pitched roofs with panoramic windows. Throughout the complex, 202 windows define the façades and illuminate the interiors, nine of which frame the Zefir Attic on the top floor.

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  • Scandinavian attic with an eclectic soul
  • Natural light enhances interior design
  • Quality and innovation from FAKRO
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Scandinavian-style attic with an eclectic soul

The interior of the flat was designed by HB Interiors, who paid particular attention to the aesthetic preferences and requests of the client. The result is a space that enhances the individuality and creative flair of the owner, a well-known make-up artist. Eclectic taste and a dynamic personality are combined with a clean and essential Scandinavian style.

The attic, with its simple layout, is on two levels with small but well-balanced and carefully designed spaces. The rooms of different sizes are furnished with particular attention to the functionality of the house, without compromising the aesthetics, which remains always lively and surprising. Each space retains its own individuality, exploring a specific aspect of the chosen compositional themes and fitting organically into the whole

The interplay of bright colours, pastel shades and imaginative elements has been skilfully developed in all areas of the house. Skilful combinations, with shades of furniture that are often strong but balanced so that the whole is never disharmonious.

Kijow apartment

Natural light enhances interior design

The real star of the house is light, which enhances the interior design project, radiating out, enveloping the interiors, enhancing the bright colours and defining the spaces. Each room has also been enriched by numerous artificial light points, such as the drop lamps in the living area and the large roof windows. Light is the fil rouge followed in the choice of interior design solutions, enhanced by sunlight which softens the rooms and enhances the colours of the furnishings, making them even more delicate. The windows, installed ad hoc to maximise sunlight, are not simply functional, but become the real stars of the rooms. In the bedroom, the shape of the window is emphasised by a geometric decoration which picks up and enhances the shape of the window frame, introducing the necessary movement to define the character of the room.

Quality and innovation by FAKRO

For the Zefir flat, the architects of HB Interiors chose FTP-V windows from the FAKRO range. A classic and high-performance model, in line with the brand’s style. FAKRO is a leading company in the field of roof windows, which for thirty years has been offering products with sophisticated design, innovation and functionality. Made of vacuum-impregnated pine wood and finished with two coats of acrylic paint, FTP-V windows are a practical, technological and reliable solution, with multiple benefits for the safety and health of the environment. A choice that harmoniously complements Scandinavian-style furnishings.

The HB Interior studio, through technological solutions and intelligent lighting studies, models imperceptible details, ideal for small spaces, which create effects of great impact and high aesthetic value. The house is furnished with verve, conveys personality and
sense of humour, and is characterised by unusual details such as the delightful make-up corner with its minimalist style, fully enhanced by the light from the large windows. The natural light that permeates all the spaces gives the Zefir penthouse a pleasant, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, a lively ambience that echoes the cultural fervour, light and colours of the streets of Kiev.



Kijow attic