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Su Gologone Hotel: season 2023

Su Gologone, experience hotel-icon in the heart of Supramonte, Sardinia, opens in April for the 2023 season. Su Gologone is a unique, magical place: an icon in the world of hospitality. Every detail is an expression of the sensations that Su Gologone gives its guests: from the Nest of Bread to the Terrace of Dreams, from the Tablao Bar to the Court of Su Re, up to Sos Nidos.

The latest addition, SOS NIDOS is a new area designed for the complete relaxation of guests. SOS NIDOS is an expression of the creative flair of Giovanna Palimodde, owner of Su Gologone. Inspired by a real nest, SOS NIDOS is a cosy space where one can read a book or look at the breathtaking panorama of Barbagia. Or to watch the fiery colours of sunset.

Su Gologone Hotel
Su Gologone Hotel

Su Gologone Hotel has also introduced in its restaurant an expression of the best of Barbagia’s tradition, the ‘menu dei Centenari‘, which includes Barbagia cured meats, a selection of cheeses with goat’s ricotta and goat’s cheese with field herbs, frughe with tomatoes, sautéed wild vegetables with Panedda’s, garden pickles, frughe soup and Gavoi potatoes, stewed goat with wild herbs, Cannonau braised meat, cassola vegetables, freso cheese and must desserts, and fennel dessert.

A menu that tells the story, testifying to the longevity of the inhabitants of Barbagia and Sardinia as a whole. For the 2023 season, Su Gologone proposes the Art Studio, a suite designed to give free rein to the creativity of guests, who can choose from hundreds of temperas, colours, brushes and give concrete form to their creative flair. The owner of Su Gologone Hotel, Giovanna Palimodde, an art collector and artist, proposes artistic, gastronomic and naturalistic experiences to discover the truest Sardinia.

Su Gologone Hotel
Su Gologone Hotel

A hotel that allows one to live an experience of continuous discovery between nature and art: lunches or dinners in the vegetable garden, yoga lessons on the Terrace of Desires with a view of the Supramonte, creative pottery courses; embroidery courses to learn the Sardinian tradition. Every room, every suite, every terrace, every corner of Su Gologone is a stage in a precious journey of discovery of the collection of modern and contemporary Sardinian art. Furnished with unique pieces: cushions, tapestries, mise en place, born in that treasure chest of creativity that are the Su Gologone workshops.

The Su Gologone workshops represent a wonderful corner with a terrace, a triumph of colours, fabrics, ceramics. The cushions, runners, plate sets, glasses and tablecloths are true works of art, handmade by Sardinian craftswomen, guided by the creative flair of Giovanna Palimodde, who designs and signs all the collections.

Su Gologone Experience Hotel

Su Gologone HotelSu Gologone Hotel
Su Gologone Hotel

In the heart of Sardinia, in the Supramonte countryside, among vineyards and centuries-old olive trees where the air smells of myrtle and rosemary, Su Gologone is one of the legends of Sardinian hospitality. Su Gologone represents an example of the best Sardinian architectural tradition. A true temple of taste for decades, the Su Gologone restaurant is a heritage of gastronomic culture, thanks to the excellent products of the Oliena land.

An art collector and painter at the same time, the owner Giovanna Palimodde is the soul of Su Gologone, which offers artistic, gastronomic, and naturalistic experiences to discover the Supramonte. Beloved by Madonnawho spent a month there during the filming of the remake ‘Swept away by an unusual destiny in the blue sea of August’, the Su Gologone is a secret address, also discovered by Richard Gerea guest of the hotel when Paramount filmed ‘King David’ in Barbagia. sugologone.it

Among the novelties for spring-summer

  • New suite with private pool