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Qatar: Five iconic and Instagrammable places

Architecture, art and tradition come together in this fascinating country, where the modernity of brand new buildings blends with local traditions creating a perfect balance of lines and colours . To tell the story of the destination through images,Qatar Tourism has compiled a list of the best spots in Qatar to inspire travellers in search of breathtaking photos.

1. Mina District

The new and colourful district that has sprung up in the old port of Doha is the perfect place for strolling and shopping; the area is full of restaurants and bars to suit all tastes and its fish market is an interesting stop to get to know the fishermen, the local fish and enjoy a delicious lunch! With its low, colourful houses overlooking the sea, the Mina District may remind one of the vibrant island of Burano in Venice. With the soft shapes of the buildings and pastel colours, it is a relaxing and atmospheric place . Qatar Tourism recommends taking pictures in the morning, when there are still few people in the district and the streets lend themselves to Instagrammable photos.

2. Raffles and Fairmont Doha

The nation’s most luxurious hotels are also the most photographed because of their architecture. This iconic building features two intertwined 40-storey towers, each in the shape of a scimitar, as depicted in Qatar’s national emblem. Even David Beckham was photographed in front of the skyscraper during the ‘Posts of Qatar’ campaign. Qatar Tourism recommends visiting it in the evening to catch the play of light from the colourful fountains immediately below.

3. Souq Waqif

The famous Souq Waqif is perfect for atmospheric, detail-rich photos. The souq, or market, is the beating heart of Doha, where tradition still reigns supreme. Falcons, camels, Arabian horses, turtles and birds are some of the animals that can be encountered in the market and lend themselves to very special photos and videos. The colourful spices and textiles also have great potential, as do the various shops overflowing with local souvenirs. The well-known work of art‘Le pouce‘, which represents a thumb and is located in the centre of the market, is perfect for a truly quirky photo. The advice is to arrive at the Souq at dusk, when the camels are being prepared for the night, to help the workers feed the camels with branches and cover them with colourful cloths.

4. Travelling on the Sea

The internationally renowned artist Olafur Eliasson inaugurated his most recent public art installation in Qatar, entitledShadows Travelling on the Sea of the Day’. The installation is located in the middle of the desert, and consists of iron rings supporting concentric mirrors. The artist’s aim is to encourage viewers to connect with themselves and their surroundings, and the work celebrates both the natural landscape and the cultural sphere. Looking up, the large mirrored ceilings reflect the sandy ground, creating interesting optical illusions that photography enthusiasts will certainly appreciate.

5. Qatar National Library

The Qatar National Library is one of the country’s most iconic pieces of architecture, and was designed by renowned Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas in 2018. The building is reminiscent of two diagonally folded pieces of paper forming a clamshell structure. The library is impressive both outside and inside and its design is steeped in symbolism. The large open space is designed on different levels to give the feeling that reading and learning can elevate the soul and consciousness. The large windows spanning the entire structure illuminate the library with natural light and the ‘wow’ effect is assured at any time of day.

About Qatar:

Qatar is a peninsula surrounded by the Arabian Gulf in the heart of the Middle East, with 80 per cent of the earth’s population a six-hour flight away. Ranked by Numbeo as the safest country in the world in 2022, Qatar welcomes all travellers; guests from over 95 countries do not require an entry visa. Qatar boasts an incredible number of easily accessible tourist attractions and an extraordinarily diverse fauna and flora, including the whale shark and the Arabian oryx, the majestic national animal. Most experiences are a unique combination of authentic culture and modernity. From iconic museums to high-end restaurants, from thrilling desert adventures to world-class events, including none other than the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, there are attractions to suit every budget for all types of travellers. Travellers passing through Qatar are invited to turn their holiday into a double holiday by taking advantage of the world’s best value stopover packages, promoted by Qatar Airways and Discover Qatar with the support of Qatar Tourism.

About Qatar Tourism:

Qatar Tourism is the official government body responsible for the development and promotion of tourism in Qatar, which aims to facilitate the exponential growth of the industry. Qatar is a destination where people from all over the world come together to experience a unique artistic, cultural, sporting and adventure offering, catering to families and business visitors and firmly rooted in a culture of service excellence. Qatar Tourism aims to stimulate the entire tourism value chain, grow local and international visitor demand, attract inward investment, and generate a multiplier effect throughout the national economy. The Qatar Tourism Strategy 2030 sets an ambitious target of attracting more than six million international visitors per year by 2030, making Qatar the fastest growing destination in the Middle East. wikipedia.org