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Luisa Spagnoli: long dresses for Spring Summer

A hot summer in Luisa Spagnoli long dresses. For Spring Summer 2023 there is no shortage of long dresses, to be worn with flat sandals both at the seaside or holiday resorts and in the city. Knitted between gold and ecru, slip dress cut, they seem to be crocheted and have rayé textures that alternate transparencies and opacity.

Lond Dress spring summer 2023 by Luisa Spagnoli

More sensual are the mermaid dresses with an American neckline, again in knit with à jour inlays, super chic for poolside cocktails. The long pencil-cut camisole dresses with multicoloured bands make a strong impact. Demi-couture off-shoulder dresses with vaporous balloon sleeves with precious openwork that create a barely noticeable chequered effect; more minimalist is the strapless bersione with macro flounce at the hem. luisaspagnoli.com

Lond Dress primavera estate 2023 di Luisa Spagnoli
Lond Dress spring summer 2023