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Unox Casa: the kitchen is phygital

In the age of apps and with the kitchen turning into the high-tech heart of the home, cooking like a chef is not only possible but easy, just a click away. Interpreting this trend is the new Unox Casa brand that proposes solutions capable of breaking the border between residential and contract with its high-end ovens and, above all, with a series of personalised and customisable services. On the one hand, digitalisation that opens up a world of opportunities and, on the other, technology applied to ovens such as Model 1 and Model 1 S SuperOven. Connected recipe book, masterclasses, personal cooking trainer and touch control, but also power and precision: Unox Casa brings restaurant savoir faire into the home.

Cookink like a chef

Unox Casa

Unox Casa has launched the digital platform Cook Like a Chef, created specifically by the brand to help customers to also develop their creativity and find continuous inspiration with the support of Unox Casa Chefs every day, H 24. The platform allows Unox Casa customers to count on the support of experts on a daily basis, in order to fully exploit the potential of Unox Casa products. The Padua-based company has created real film studios at its headquarters in Padua, where it has created more than 100 video recipes of great visual impact to stimulate the passion, and appetite, of customers. These short videos illustrate in a simple way the preparation and cooking phases of delicious dishes. At the end you can download the chosen recipe directly to your oven.  A kind of Netflix for cooking enthusiasts, but with exclusive access only for people who have purchased a Unox Casa oven.

Personal cooking trainer

With Personal Cooking Trainer, on the other hand, a team of corporate chefs is available 7 days a week for one-to-one support on demand. For a dinner with friends, for example, one can go to the platform, define the number of guests and the type of dinner. On appointment, one is contacted by a chef who, based also on the client’s skills, will suggest a menu and, in a second appointment, follow up to realise it.

Smart ovens

Unox Casa

Unox Casa believes that culinary dreams should never be limited by oven capacity. Thanks to its state-of-the-art technology and patented innovations, SuperOven can support more than 400 cooking processes. Smoking, vacuum cooking and steaming are just some of the cooking options previously reserved only for the kitchens of top restaurants. Now they are ready to serve the creativity of cooking enthusiasts. With Unox Casa ovens you can go from the dryness of the desert to the humidity of a Turkish hammam in just 18 seconds. Careful sensors continuously monitor the percentage of humidity inside the cooking chamber to ensure perfect results with any food, from the tender, crispy skin of a roast chicken to the silky smoothness of a crème brûlée. The air inside their ovens reaches up to 118 km/h. It is like having a hurricane channelled into the cooking chamber. Such impressive speed allows food to be cooked evenly, in large quantities and 3 times faster than a normal oven.

Artificial intelligence in action

Unox Casa leaves the emotional, sensory and inspirational side of cooking to the artificial intelligence algorithms and scientific calculations. Simply select the type of food and the desired cooking result and SuperOven will choose the settings, measure the food load and adjust the cooking process to make it perfect. It’s like magic, but deliciously real. Michelin-starred chefs choose UNOX ovens for their restaurants. The technology and artificial intelligence behind the SuperOven are the same as in high-end professional ovens. The starred chefs use the collection of preset cooking times to cook their gourmet masterpieces. For the first time in history this is available to those who cultivate a passion for haute cuisine. At home.

The precision mechanics of Unox Casa

This is a chef’s magic wand. The core probe measures the internal temperature of the food and ensures that what you want is exactly what you get. Four sensors detect the temperature at the core of any meat or fish with scientific precision and stop cooking automatically at the right moment.

At Unox Casa, they take the oven’s impeccable shine very seriously. The automatic cleaning function does not raise the temperature to burn off dirt and turn food splatters into ash (as other ovens do). It actually cleans the oven with water and a mild, environmentally friendly UNOX cleaner at the push of a button. There is no horrible burning smell, no toxic smoke from the oven cleaner and no ash residue to remove.

Cooking and health with Unox Casa

Steaming remains one of the healthiest ways to cook a meal and help it retain moisture, vitamins and minerals. Unox’s patented technology creates an impressive amount of saturated steam almost instantly, so you can steam foods that simply could not be cooked in traditional domestic ovens. Now you can ensure that your meals are delicious, healthy and quick to prepare.

Energy efficiency

The SuperOven’s triple-glazed doors provide impeccable insulation on the inside, keeping the oven doors cool and safe to the touch. The layers of professional-grade insulation and heat-reflective glass allow more energy to be transferred to the food, further accelerating the cooking process while maintaining energy efficiency. Once the oven is on, the elegant black glass door becomes transparent, revealing a wide view of what is cooking.

Unox Home

Unox Casa
Forno SuperOven di Unox Casa

Unox, a company from Padua and world leader in the sector of professional ovens, has also been present on the market since 2020 as Unox Casa, with a line entirely dedicated to home cooking. The company was founded in 1990 and burst onto the market with a product that guarantees cooking uniformity in all load conditions. A successful debut that was followed by a path characterised by continuous research and innovation. The vertical integration of the design and production of all components, together with an unparalleled attention to service, have allowed Unox to guarantee total quality and constant growth, until it became the best-selling professional oven brand in the world. With the line designed for the home, Unox aims to provide its customers with professional performance even at home. The expertise and know-how of Unox have conquered the best chefs in the world and now aspire to bring the high quality standards of its 100% made in Italy ovens also in the most exclusive residences.