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Zambaiti Parati in collaboration with Trussardi

Zambaiti Parati, a company of reference in the wallcoverings sector – continues to express its creativity and commercial initiative, always oriented towards the international market, renewing its collaboration with the historic brand Trussardi to create a new collection of timeless elegance.

This Special Edition Collection is the sixth to be created by Zambaiti Parati in continuous collaboration with the Trussardi Style Office, and draws inspiration from the brand’s latest collections, which focus on the use of leatherette and leather and on themes linked to nature and green suggestions, in a lively interpretation of the natural effects of stone and marble, tropical plants and lush foliage.

This is where the initial spirit of the catalogue and the basic designs were born, then reworked on the supports using the clothing fabrics chosen by Trussardi for the brand’s new style concepts. An essential aspect for the creation of the collection remains the meeting of intents and synergies through a constant dialogue between the creative staff of Trussardi and Zambaiti Parati, which has allowed the creation of a new proposal of furniture under the stylistic sign of tradition and modern elegance.

Starting from a concept of a contemporary loft environment, wallpaper can also dress a more “shabby”, context while still managing to give it elegance and style, essential elements of Made in Italy. It is in fact, the passion and attention to detail that characterize the collection and the Italian lifestyle, of which the Trussardi brand is a very high expression.

Zambaiti Parati is also committed to making a classic allure readable, combining modern cues with a tradition that is certainly appreciated by today’s most interesting markets, with an eye to the Middle East, Russia and the former Soviet Republics.

Together with the leather, marble, animalier and vegetable effects, tactility plays an important role, which is confirmed as an essential aesthetic requirement of Zambaiti Parati products. The range of colors is well assorted and perfectly reflects the Trussardi collections: the color palette ranges from the lightest shades, white or cream, to dark blacks and proposes the colors of fashion, playing with pantone tones of grays or blacks but also natural greens, especially moss green.

For the Trussardi Special Edition n°6 collection, Zambaiti Parati has provided supplies in rolls of 106 centimeters in height, instead of the classic 70 centimeters, to bring the coverage of a roll to exactly 10 square meters, while the intended use remains the large private villa, but also the restaurant and high-end retail space, spaces always of the highest expression of luxury. It is no coincidence that in this collection the Trussardi name is elegantly highlighted.

Zambaiti Parati is an Italian family-run company founded in 1973 in Albino, in the province of Bergamo. Always inspired by the reality that surrounds it, the company aims to spread the made in Italy in the world, through the design and the Italian craftsmanship of the wall covering. The products are the result of a long tradition that is renewed and adapted to technological innovations projecting into the future. Zambaiti Parati can boast licenses and collaborations with exclusive brands in the fashion and automotive sectors that have allowed it to acquire an international profile. Thanks to the dynamic nature of the Company, Zambaiti Parati, founded its own division Zambaiti Contract, born in 2020, with the Eterea collection resulting from the collaboration with prestigious architectural firms.