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Unical Flowy, the designer air conditioner

Flowy is Unical’s new class A++ wall-mounted air conditioner with heat pump. With its harmonious and exclusive design, it is suitable for installation in all types of homes, offices and shops and embodies the best of Unical technology thanks to a series of innovative patents to offer maximum comfort and energy savings:

  • Integrated bipolar ioniser, sanitises the air in the room by eliminating up to 99% of suspended particles such as dust, mites, bacteria and pollen
  • Vertical deflectors with patented ‘diffuser’ holes, for pleasant and effective air distribution
  • Full Inverter’ technology, for reduced costs and consumption
  • Easy clean” system, for quick and easy maintenance and cleaning of the air conditioner
  • Turbo system, for those who demand comfort in ultra-fast times
  • Eco-friendly” R32 gas refrigerant with reduced environmental impact
  • Range: 4 heat pump models (mod. 9H-12H-18H-24H)
  • USB Key (optional) for remote management via home Wi-Fi and your own device (smartphone, tablet) via simple and intuitive APP


With FLOWY it is possible to have fresh, clean and sanitised air in every room, thanks to the combined action of the ioniser with electrostatic filters that can eliminate up to 99% of the presence of bacteria, allergens and suspended microparticles, the cause of many allergies and respiratory problems. The HEALTH function, which sanitises the air, can be activated directly from the remote control, enriching the environment with oxygen ions in just a few minutes. For pleasant and effective air distribution, there are patented motorised vertical diffusers for a multi-directional 3D effect in combination with the horizontal flap. They diffuse the conditioned air in the best possible way, avoiding annoying direct flows and losses in efficiency and flow rate. The “TURBO” system also offers the possibility of obtaining rapid cooling and heating. Technological innovation and care in design make FLOWY the ideal air conditioner for simplicity of installation and maintenance, with particular attention also to product maintenance that can be easily carried out with integrated systems such as:

  • “Self Clean” automatic heat exchanger cleaning function, by means of thermal shock and activated by remote control
  • Anti-mould function, for drying the exchanger, to prevent the formation of mould, otherwise the cause of unpleasant odours
  • Anti-mould treatment of the internal exchanger


FLOWY’s special structure allows the air filters located on the top of the unit to be quickly removed and the horizontal and vertical baffles to be removed for cleaning the fan compartment; in this way the air conditioner will always be efficient and hygienic. Interacting with FLOWY, even remotely, is quick and easy even from your smartphone or tablet, via home Wi-Fi and the optional USB Key . With the intuitive App, the user “dialogues” with the air conditioner to set operating modes at any time, such as programming on/off, daily/weekly timer, checking operating consumption and status. The exclusive I FEEL mode, moreover, gives the remote control the function of a thermostat: this guarantees that the desired room temperature is reached precisely and quickly and all-round comfort, in both heating (winter) and cooling (summer) modes. By activating the SLEEP option, the indoor unit’s fan harmoniously diffuses the conditioned air with a considerable reduction in acoustic impact and at the same time enters economy mode by operating at minimum power, thus limiting power consumption. To camouflage the outdoor unit of the air conditioner, Unical offers the matching MIMO design cover, by ArtÙ Design Studio, a decorative element that acts as a visual filter, responding to the increasingly widespread need to make the outdoor units of air conditioners less impactful. unicalag.it