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Trendy colours: Ottanio

Alongside minimal trends for home decor, a desire for colourful details is emerging. Teal blue is one of the most versatile shades for adding a touch of colour to the home. First of all, the difference between teal and petrol should be defined: teal blue is a shade that combines turquoise and petrol green. But both can be used in a décor that includes a palette of blues and greens. In fact, the colour te al can be used to create combinations inspired by a peacock’s tail: bright and full of personality, but also warm and welcoming.

Teal is certainly recommended among the colours that go well with wood, for an interior that wants to maintain the charm of living, traditional materials but add sprint and modernity. Teal is a relaxing yet luminous shade that can easily soften and brighten even dark oak, without having to resort to overly bright colours. It also gives a very relaxing note when combined with birch wood and light furniture. It is a game that is particularly proposed in the Scandinavian style for this 2021.

You can also decide to play with shades by opting for a brassy blue wall combined with lighter colours or other similar shades such as light petrol. Ottanio and gold also make an excellent combination, always with enveloping wood. Plants such as aloe, ivy and dracaena are perfect for interior home decoration and also for the bedroom area.

The colour teal, together with petrol blue or petrol green, is an excellent alternative to be combined both with duller and more neutral colours and with warmer and brighter colours. A brass-coloured sofa is therefore perfect with yellow and grey walls . Those who like to be daring should therefore not be afraid to opt for a mustard colour wall, perhaps for the living area, because they can bet on a wow effect thanks to a brassy sofa which will become a discreet protagonist where they can relax and enjoy a refined but also colourful home. Mustard yellow walls can also be enhanced by brass details, accompanied by a palette of blues or contrasting trim or design objects.

It is often wondered whether a teal bathroom or a teal bedroom wall might be boring. In fact, this colour is extremely versatile because it is perfect with warm and cold colours, wood and steel finishes. In short, the home can be renovated around light or darker and more intense octanium walls , playing with mustard yellow furniture or shades of petrol green to create a winning shade.

As far as the kitchen is concerned, teal green with shades of petrol pantone is elegant when combined with white marble, sophisticated and with a taste as luxurious as it is vintage and timeless. Tiles with a glossy finish, exploring different shades from petrol blue pantone to peacock green, are perfect for this effect. The perfect brass-coloured wall can therefore be a solid colour as well as different shades that achieve the perfect mix of blue and green.

This also applies to the bathroom, where the colour octanium is the perfect soul to enhance a Carrara marble bathtub. The choice of this colour follows a home decor philosophy that finds in every room in the house corners dedicated to relaxation and self-care. We are also talking about a furnishing for the service room that favours the relaxation of thoughts and personal care. Towards mental pampering and a pleasure for the eyes.

Those who love petrol green walls are therefore also advised to look at green or teal blue, as are those who have chosen mustard for the walls of their home. But these colours can also be beautiful details that add character to a bright room: paint part of the wall, playing with the furniture, with bookcases as design objects.

If you want to opt for this colour for your home decor, it is useful to know that the colour ottanio for repainting your home can be chosen by referring to RAL 5020 and RAL 6026. In addition, the colour octanium has an rgb indicated with 2, 142, 185 and corresponds to Pantone 3165 U. As it is a perfect mix of blue and green, you can choose from slightly warmer or cooler shades to suit your needs.