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Inspiration: Mediterranean blue

After a long winter, nothing seems more refreshing in thinking about the coastal hues of the sunny Mediterranean. This beautiful and elegant shade is one that can complement virtually any space in the summer season and is bound to make a big impact in these coming months.

Blu Mediterraneo
Planium. Calamine flooring for unique projects. Calamine is a surface lamination that is generated during the hot working of steel. Planium uses it as a finish to create unique and original floor and wall coverings. Sensitive to atmospheric humidity and light, the Calamine can turn dark, bluish or coppery colours, becoming unique in the environment in which it is laid. You can choose to use it in its natural state or clean it and protect it with a specific product which accentuates the initial shades and makes the lamination stable over time. All Planium metal finishes are recyclable and environmentally friendly.