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Acoustic speakers between design and technology

Design blends with technology and the result is the best acoustic speakers on the market. Design blends with technology to create elegant and powerful acoustic speakers and spekers. Useful, indispensable objects are made with the utmost attention to aesthetics. Even essential objects become beautiful. A number of designers are fulfilling this requirement: creating necessary objects that are also elegant and can be easily integrated into the interior design of any room. This is also the case with acoustic speakers, an indispensable element of any elegant living room.

Article summary:

  • Efficiency and beauty
  • Technology meets design
  • Designer speakers, acoustic speakers and speakers
  • Design and elegance: speakers integrated into the furniture
  • Evocative and atmospheric: wall-mounted speakers
  • Like works of art: wall-mounted speakers

Efficiency and beauty

Choosing the best sound often leads to the purchase of instruments that are bulky and do not fit in with the surroundings of the house. The need to find an object that combines elegance and functionality is the basis of the work of many designers. Design lends its aesthetic value to sound. And so today we can find acoustic speakers or speakers built not only to give excellent performance but also with more attention to shapes, lines, materials, colours and details.

Technology meets design

Research has improved not only the technology and efficiency of these instruments but also their aesthetics. The wireless mode has made it possible to eliminate wires and cables. The absence of wires does not compromise the functionality of the speakers, but on the contrary allows a better aesthetic yield. Small objects can offer high performance almost on a par with speakers used in large spaces or real stereo systems. The first thing to do when deciding to buy a loudspeaker is to ask yourself what you want and for what purpose. A design piece, an object that delivers power, or a design object that is also powerful. A loudspeaker can be more or less complex. The complexity comes from having a larger number of speakers inside it, which provide clearer and more distinct sounds. A simplified loudspeaker consists of only one speaker, but this does not mean that the sound output is not as good.

Designer speakers, acoustic speakers and speakers

The collaboration of design and technology results in a variety of solutions that can be purchased on the market. Today, it is easy to choose a speaker without compromising on elegant design. The creativity of designers aims to build furniture pieces that fit in perfectly with any style, while technological research guarantees improved sound. Speakers between design and technology, unique objects that combine aesthetics and high sound performance.

Design and elegance: speakers integrated into the furniture

One of the best-known and best-loved speakers is the speaker designed by Paolo Cappello for Miniforms in 2016. It is a speaker with a vintage taste. A loudspeaker reminiscent of a gramophone is placed inside a living room cabinet. There are two versions, with two or three doors, and different colour combinations. Caruso is the name of this 50-watt loudspeaker consisting of a single speaker that emphasises bass and treble simultaneously.

Ferguson Hill: Horn speakers

A sophisticated design characterises the acoustic speakers from the British company Ferguson Hill. Ferguson Hill Studio specialises in “horn acoustic speakers and sound systems of the highest standard. The company, founded in 2003, has presented several interesting products with an innovative design and a retro flavour. A perfect combination of elegance and sound is the FH001 loudspeaker. The case is shaped like a gramophone and is made of transparent acrylic, which guarantees natural sound amplification. It is supported by a tubular brushed steel structure, which also serves to dampen the sound.

Also from Ferguson Hill is the smaller version of the FH001. Known as the FH007, this is a miniature acoustic speaker system that downsizes the FH001. The idea of the gramophone remains, but on a smaller scale. The new size allows them to be better integrated into any home. This range of acoustic speakers has been described as “the most elegant existing acoustic speakers“. The horns are made of polycarbonate and are virtually indestructible. Its construction allows for maximum sound clarity. The speakers are made in such a way as to avoid interference of the sound by its own parts. In addition, the excellent acoustics are possible thanks to the shape and because they are directional speakers, they provide perfect sound staging. The style and size also make it an exclusive object from an aesthetic point of view.

Evocative and atmospheric: wall-mounted speakers

Another particularly popular and unique object is the speaker made by Garvan, an Italian company based in Faenza. The design of this speaker is inspired by nature. Its sinuous line recalls the perfection of a drop. It comes in different sizes and colours. The drop is suspended thanks to the fixing system that allows it to be anchored to the ceiling, the wall or suspended on a floor stand. This box is made of Faenza ceramics. Inside is a die-cast aluminium basket with a coaxial loudspeaker with a 25 mm tweeter and a 150 mm woofer. The exterior is hand-decorated with different designs and colours.

During Milan Design Week 2014, a collection made entirely of Carrara marble was presented. All the objects had a “technological heart” in common. Among these elements it is important to mention Coulisse, a loudspeaker case created by the designer Filippo Protasoni for Clique Editions. Clique combines the world of furniture with technology by including electrical/electronic devices directly in its complements. In addition, it involves the best Italian craftsmanship in the creation of its elements, especially craftsmen working in marble. Coulisse is a bluetooth speaker with adjustable suspension, made entirely of Carrara marble but with a technological heart. A project that represents the ability to combine research, craftsmanship and technology. A contemporary design in which simple lines meet local excellence.

Elipson Sound Tree: acoustic peakers inspired by nature

The combination of design and technology creates another series of truly surprising acoustic speakers: Elipson Sound Tree. This object embodies what is meant by the expression “Sound that furnishes”. This idea came from the mind of designer Jean-Yves Le Porcher who, inspired by nature, proposed the sound tree. Its structure repeats that of a tree. The “trunk” consists of a subwoofer with an integrated amplifier and 12 spherical speakers, the deep red “fruits“, which hang from the ceiling by means of fabric cables representing the “branches“. This object is capable of recreating truly immersive situations. Its composition allows you to be enveloped by sound, the sound effect is as breathtaking as its original beauty. The whole system leaves you stunned. It is a beautiful, powerful object, adaptable to any place, intimate or public.

Like works of art: wall-mounted speakers

Another interesting idea comes from the Danish company Bang & Olufsen . Their creative team has come up with wall-mounted speakers. These are modular acoustic speakers, i.e. separate and autonomous pieces that can be ordered according to one’s taste and use. They are hexagonal in shape, and by placing them side by side you can draw shapes and figures reminiscent of rock walls or real abstract paintings. They are also designed to improve sound, as they have built-in sound-absorbing attenuators. Beosound Shape is the right model for music lovers who don’t want to compromise on design.

Another wall-mounted model is presented by Basalte. Aalto is a collection of in-wall speakers. The design of this speaker combines high sound performance and elegant lines, and is easy to fit into any room in the house. Appearance is reminiscent of a painting. Frame is available in different finishes and colours, and the fabric can be customised in both material and colour. It consists of powerful speakers, perfectly matched to the built-in 200W amplifier. The idea of customising your own wall-mounted speaker makes this object a new and unique piece, adaptable to any style.

Digital Habits: the speaker that works by moving your hand

Digital HabitsOSOUND speakers are a perfect combination of design and technology. A wall-mounted sound system with a circular shape reminiscent of a sunrise. OSOUND can be connected via wireless network to all devices with Bluetooth. In addition to its elegant design, the speaker interacts with us. Various functions can be activated with just a wave of the hand: with an innovative gesture interface, you can, for example, skip to the previous or next track, play or pause and adjust the volume with simple hand movements. Jessica Loddo